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My Personal Story

My mom and I had just left our physician’s office for probably the 20th time as I had been plagued by neck and low back problems since I was a child. This time it was a lower back flare up and he always said the same thing; “Kirk is tough and he’ll be fine because he just strained his back. Give him some Tylenol and he’ll be okay in a couple weeks.” As we got in the car, my mom said “well, that was good news.” I became very upset and asked my mom “what good news are you talking about?” When she replied “he said you would be fine,” I then told her that I was far from fine and that there had to be somebody who could help me! The problem was that my mom trusted this doctor, and in her mind if something really needed to be done then certainly he could do it or at least refer me to somebody who could help me. In the end he did neither. Later that day a good friend of mine told me that I needed to see a chiropractor. I had never heard the word before! I told my mom and she called a local chiropractor and made me an appointment. Needless to say, it changed my life forever! Because of what chiropractic did for me I decided to become a chiropractor myself. During my chiropractic education I learned that pills and potions do not fix spinal problems. It takes a strategic plan of attack that chiropractors are specifically trained to administer and oversee.

Being a skilled chiropractor gives me the tools I need to help my patients. However, I believe I am uniquely qualified to care for my patients because I know how it feels to experience bad, debilitating pain. I am dedicated to helping my patients to regain their health just like chiropractic helped me regain mine all those years ago.

Other than going away to chiropractic school, my wife, Sandy, and I have lived in Hamilton our entire lives and raised our family here.

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