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You can’t swing a golf club; you can’t cast your bait or fishing lure; you can’t run or jog; you are missing important games, and your team depends on you; you were doing so well building those pecs or biceps and now you can’t even put your shirt on without pain! Does any of this sound familiar? Have you ever experienced the frustration of an injury that keeps you from enjoying what you love to do? Being a former competitive baseball, football and softball player, Dr. Brown is very familiar with the common types of injuries that many athletes suffer from. Also, Dr. Brown has a great deal of experience around the weight room, having worked out with weights since he was a teenager. Having experienced many sport related and weight room injuries himself over the years, Dr. Brown can empathize with not only the pain felt, but also the frustration that accompanies not being able to play or perform at one’s optimum level, not to mention not being able to play at all! If you are tired of taking pills, receiving shots, doing ineffective exercises or just being told “Give it more time you will eventually get well”, then chiropractic may just be your answer! Chiropractic has been shown time and time again to get injured athletes back to active participation more quickly than the typical medical approach.

The common sport/ weight training injuries we see are neck and back issues, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, finger, sacroiliac, hip, knee, ankle, foot and toe issues. Common with all these areas are injuries to the affected joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. As usual, if we can not successfully help you, we can refer you to a medical specialist or for further testing (MRI, CT etc.).

If you, or a loved one, have been involved in a sport or training related injury, give us a call today at 513-863-1800 to set up a free consultation. If you would like, call Dr. Brown personally if you have questions prior to making an appointment. He would be happy to address any “before coming in” concerns you may have. We can also be reached by e-mail at brownfamilychiropractic@yahoo.com.

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